Interview with KSIAD Chairwoman Ayfer Gümrük, “Today, we compete with global fashion”
KSIAD (Fur Industrialists and Businessmen Association) is a member of London-based International Fur Federation (IFF). IFF has 49 members from 38 co
Wednesday Talks with TLC Chairman Erdal Matraş “New Market, Iran”
After being subjected to international sanctions for years, Iran is now preparing to integrate itself to the global economy. The lifted sanctions al
Turkish Company Develops Transparent Leather
A leather manufacturer in city of Uşak recently announced its success in developing transparent leather. According to company’s production manager Murat Taşar, the transparent leather will be available for order...
Made Of Wood And Leather, Ancient Egyptians Wore World’s First Functioning Prosthetics
According to a study made in University of Manchester, the 2000-year-old Egyptian prosthetics found in Thebes were not only the oldest examples of prosthetics known to modern humans...
Apparel And Footwear Sales Increase
Turkish Statistics Institute (TUIK) recently published the December 2016 retail sales index. According to TUIK’s data, retail sales volume decreased by 0.8% compared to November 2016...
Turkish Leather At PV
One of the most prestigious fabric exhibitions in the world, Premiére Vision Paris’s last edition was held on February 7-9. With 18 Turkish companies in attendance...
Footwear Exports Break Record in 2016
The Turkish footwear sector continues to grow and increase its share in the global exports market. Having exported $708 million worth exports in 2016, recent analysis shows that the footwear
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Preparations Continue for SHOEXPO İzmir
SHOEXPO Izmir prepares for its upcoming 40th edition on October 19 – 22. Held twice a year by IZFAŞ, the fair brings local and domestic footwear manufacturers
Premiére Vision Awards Turkish Tannery For Excellence
Three tanneries exhibiting at Premiére Vision Leather, the international trade show that targets the premium market, have been awarded prizes for their exceptional leathers presented at the September 2016 edition.
TLC And Leather Industrialists Of Turkey Association Chairman Erdal Matraş; Better Relations With Russia Will Revive The Sector
While Turkey’s economic advancement showed a considerable increase in the 2000s, by the beginning of 2010s, the country’s economy had become highly susceptible to country’s foreign politics.
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2nd Footwear Design Competition Awards Winners
Coordinated by the Ministry of Economy, and organized by the collaboration between Turkish Exporters’ Assembly (TIM) and Istanbul Leather and Products Exporters’ Assembly (IDMIB)
Five Shoe Trends From London Fashion Week
As London Fashion Week recently came to an end, the footwear sector is quickly adapting to the new trends introduced at the event. Here are the hottest trends at the Fashion Week.
Turkish Design Wins In Spain
2012 Detay Leather Design Competition’s second runner up, Hazal Karaşah, recently won big at Spain’s Bilbao International Art& Fashion Awards. Karaşah became accessories category (Category B) winner with her “Neither Here Nor There” collection.