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Ikon Leather


Ikon Leather have been operating tanneries for 60 years in the leather industry as a family.

Our head office is located in Zeytinburnu-Istanbul ,and our factory is located in Corlu Leather organized industry , 125 km from Istanbul.

Our tannery is planned to be very sensitive to the environment , has a technological machine park. Our tannery with flexible production capacity operates in a closed area of around 15.000 m2.

Our employees have many years of experience in their departments,

Our main production material is double face manufacturing.

With our many years of production experience, we have very important talents about double face.

Mainly are Spanish merino, French merino, Spanish toscana, Spanish merinillo, French Lacon, baby calf are leather articles we produce in our tannery in standard and high quality.

 In addition,METAL FREE leather production is one of our speciality.

As a İkon Deri we always aimed to produce better than the previous day in quality ,considering  the continuous customer satisfaction ,high quality and standarts ,as our most important principles

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