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Foundation Year : 2000
51 - 150 Number Of Employees
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We laid the foundation in 2000 for our brand name VISETTE in the leather ready-to-wear sector by developing ourselves and improving our products and then having enough experiences in this sector in which we took our first steps in 1995.

In the years to follow, we have succeeded in making the brand name VISETTE a leading brand name in the sector after making the necessary investments and completing the required substructure works so that our brand name visette can grow, develop, and be accepted in the sector.

Today, the brand name VISETTE has succeeded in becoming a locomotive brand name in the leather ready-to-wear sector, and with a vision which defines the fashion in the leather and fur sector and which is mentioned with compliments. Under this story of success lie our never changing fundamental principles on which we never compromise as being the first board of directors.

These principles are the importance that we always place on customer satisfaction, honesty, work discipline, and our vision that we are never afraid of making investments in the business.

The brand name VISETTE has participated in many international and local exhibitions related to its sector by virtue of which our collections and trends are presented to our business partners, brand names, and chain stores after making updates. For such exhibitions and fairs we prepare and exhibit a broad collection of 250 – 300 samples which address to many different pleasures and which are prepared as zig and fur.

We continue with our work for our brand name Visette without stopping in order to make it known more and to make it a brand name which will be desired more and to raise it to higher levels.

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