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Marmara Deri

Foundation Year : 1992
151 - 250 Number Of Employees
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Our company entered the sector in 1987 with the purchase and sale of garment leather and established a production facility in Uşak with the desire to better respond to customer demands. Marmara Deri stepped into the production sector with this facility and received an entrepreneurial spirit for its growing business volume.Marmara Leather, which shapes the sector with its strong, aesthetic and contemporary collections it prepares every year, continues its activities in its production facility established in 2004 in Çorlu Organized Leather Industrial Zone in European standards. (Marmara Leather, 2020).


Providing continuous customer satisfaction with our production at high quality level by using world-class production technologies together with our production and administrative staff with high level of professional training and skill and documenting the quality management system to fulfill the requirements of "ISO 9001,ISO 14001 ,LWG " standard. Besides that, we improve with each passing day.


The company's target is; To guarantee excellence in raw material selection, production and processing, while respecting the "deadlines" and "methods" agreed with the customer. Marmara Deri makes every effort to develop high quality and completely Turkish product by using environmentally friendly production processes.

(Marmara Leather, 2020)


With the sustainable development approach and environmental awareness, it is the responsibility of all Marmara Leather management and employees to contribute to leaving a clean and livable world to the next generations by adopting the principle of environmental protection at every stage from the inputs of our production to the use of our products.

Beyond compliance with national and international environmental regulations, we try to provide environmentally friendly technology, prevent pollution, and support biological diversity in order to meet the environmental expectations of our customers at the source of all kinds of waste during our activities.

Water, energy, raw material, auxiliary material etc. We aim to use renewable energy as much as possible, and keep our emissions, including greenhouse gases and other gases, below legal limits, with the suggestions and contributions of all our works, by giving importance to the principle of efficiency and saving in the use of natural and natural resources.

We are committed to sharing our environmental policy with all our employees, customers and society, and informing all our employees, customers and suppliers about our environmental awareness and determination. (Marmara Deri, 2020)

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