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Foundation Year : 2003
6 - 25 Number Of Employees
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MAMMAMİA İÇ VE DIŞ TİCARET A.Ş., founded in 2003 has fulfilled its mission and vision of today in the best way together with the company partners with an experience of twenty five years in the shoe sector and within a period as short as four years it has achieved 293 dealers in all over Turkey. Mammamia Dış Ticaret has been carrying on its function of domestic market supply with a production capacity of daily 900-1100 pairs of shoes via a single factory with the understanding of quality and best service as a result of its partnership with ALPINO AYAKKABI VE DERİ ÜRÜNLERİ SAN. TİC. LTD. ŞTİ it entered in 2004. Diyalog has grouped the products it manufactures under the brand names MAMMAMIA, ELLENNY, KLERINS and REBECA SANVER and offers them in domestic and foreign market again with those brand names for the service of the customers according to product groups. Diyalog sells 75% of its imported and manufactured products in the domestic market of Turkey and sells 25% of the same in the foreign market. Diyalog department of marketing, import and export was established on an indoor area of 1400 m² and the department of production and the department of production and planning was established on an indoor area of 2600m² in a separate building.


To contribute for the development of our country through the employments in the Sector of Female Shoes, the management systems to be applied, the investments to be made, achievements to be gained in the domestic and foreign market.


To create a fleet of stores and brand names that could play in the top league of domestic and foreign market.


To base all our dialogues on honesty and goodwill. To renew oneself continuously rather than resisting against development. To base the works done on scientific and technical methods. To believe that nothing is impossible and to target at the difficult. To be a professional with an amateur spirit. To be respectful for different religions, races and sects. To make the work done enjoyable through loving it.

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