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Foundation Year : 1962
51 - 150 Number Of Employees
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In 1962, our company increased its production with the trade name of Şahinler Ayakkabıcılık and the brand KOMCERO in 1994.Our brand has an annual production capacity of 500,000 pairs of shoes with state-of-the-art machines in its new factory with a closed area of 5200 square meters with the developing market conditions. KOMCERO, which prioritizes occupational health and safety in addition to quality products, has created a working environment that is hygienic and suitable for human values. KOMCERO, which produces shoes that are specially designed and suitable for today's fashion, increases its share in the market with its casual, sneakers and boots products used in daily life.Continuing its production without compromising quality and comfort, KOMCERO raises the level of quality every day by producing trendy shoes.

KOMCERO, which makes all kinds of investments in order to maintain its claim in the sector, also attaches great importance to institutionalization and R&D studies. In this direction, KOMCERO, which reveals designs that are suitable for foot health and that make users feel comfortable, by the R & D department consisting of an expert team, together with the fashion design office in Italy, which is accepted as the heart of fashion, and the most original, stylish and latest trend shoes comes across.

Following all the innovations in the sector, KOMCERO participates in the world's leading shoe fairs Magic in Las Vegas, Mos Shoes in Moscow, Micam in Milan, Aymod in Istanbul and Poland Shoes in Warsaw, both promoting its products and promoting its international connections provides.

KOMCERO, which makes all kinds of investments for healthy and comfortable products, has successfully passed the Azo-Phthalate (CANCEROGEN) tests and does not contain carcinogenic substances.

Turkey's best shoe collection prepared by the leadership of the Hawks aim to let the Shoe not only with KOMCERO brands, many well-known company in producing shoes and capacity has managed to become one of the leading companies in Turkey at both outlets.

Turkey reaching consumers with all provinces and points of sale in towns across KOMCERO, particularly the United States, Germany, Britain, Russia and Romania, including the world's around 37 countries with healthy, exports comfortable and the latest trends in footwear.

Our Quality Policy as Sahinler Shoes; areas with the least complaints Komcero shoe brand new technology in Turkey is to use a longer time.

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