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Foundation Year : 2003
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Gundogdular leather was established in 1989 by Gundogdu family.With the mastership of producing 100% genuine leather bags, belts and wallets for man and women was Gundogdular leather succeded to be the best quality leather bags producer in Turkey. Providing for the eye on fashion Gundogdular leather becomes one of the best producer of leather bags not only in Turkey but also in EU.

Gundogdular leather is a world actor, who always aims to develop with every steps so that to catch the achivement in national market like they did in Turkish market. The factory of Gundogdular leather settled in Izmir, in Karabağlar industry area.In the factory Gundogdular leather has a factory outlet to share the quality of the leather goods with the people in Izmir.

Gundogdular leather produces the leather bags under the name of the Guzini in Tukey, furthermore Gundogdular leather is the producer of the world brands such as BOGNER, STRENESSE, BRAX, RENE LEZARD and HAUBER. Also Gundogdular leather is the producer of the best known Turkish brands such as KEMAL TANCA and CLUB BEYMEN.

In domestic and in abroad Gundogdular leather joins the fair as aim of the raising awareness and to introduce quality leather bags with the people from all around the world.

With the amazing harmony of the handicraftsmanship and the technology Gundogdular leather bags allures the intrest of Italian international brands.

Having indefinite models of leather bag Gundogdular leather had a big step up in 2013, decided to move a bigger factory and lay the foundation of new factory. In 2014 Gundogdular leather will be moved to new factory which is in ITOB industrial area in Izmir.

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