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Guard Leather

Foundation Year : 1982
51 - 150 Number Of Employees
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Our company is a company that produces leather wallets, bags, card holders, belts and leather accessories.
Our company has 110 people and 10 stores on its own, two of which are located in the new international terminal of Istanbul airport, Unifree. In the appendix I shared some details about our company. Our company is producing for many brands. We would like to produce in direct collaboration with your collection in accordance with the identity of your brand.

What advantages can we give you?
- We manufacture products that will help you offer a serious price and a quality advantage over your competitors.
- During this pandemic period, people's sensitivity to health has increased significantly, so we are producing healthier products for people, doing the studies and tests necessary to deliver antibacterial products to our customers.
- We produce fast solutions by producing innovative solutions.
- In this sector we are one of the major producers in Turkey and our production capacity favors an excellent relationship between supply and demand.
- We are aware that we have to do our job better by taking care of our work and we have been doing it for 40 years. Our goal is to provide good quality products to our customers at affordable prices.
- Because we have experience in both production and retail and wholesale, we produce products that meet your expectations and those of your customers.
- We have retail experience with over 7000 stores, we have a range of product performance data for our 97 national and international brands.
- Working with national and international brands allows us to quickly follow global and local trends and share them with our business partners to ensure long-term business partnerships with added value.
- Working with national and international brands allows us to model our production processes in accordance with international standard inspections and model our production processes and raw material purchases.
- All the raw materials we use have no chemical content contrary to human health.
- We have a design and production team specialized in developing new designs for our customers.
- Our company, which currently boasts a collection of 20,000 models, brings out 3 new models every week and we share these products with our business partners who are able to follow the performance of their products for three months and we include them in their collections to increase the profitability of our business partners.
- In line with the needs of our customers, we also create collections of artificial leather products in the BAGS group in line with the needs of our customers.
- We ship in accordance with the needs of the brands we work with and in accordance with their full-time operations.
- We are a company that has the ability to design and manufacture products based on the target prices that are given to us by customers, in line with customer structures and with the needs of the brands we work with.
- Working with over 200 companies that work in online sales, we can include the most popular products in online commerce sites, in your product range.


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Mehmet Akın İskender

Mehmet Akın İskender

Sales Manager
Gunan Balcioglu

Gunan Balcioglu

Business Development Manager

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