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Foundation Year : 2011
51 - 150 Number Of Employees
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FB Accessory Bag was established in 2008, with the founder's ten years work experience. The company serves in Izmir Turkey location. it is aimed to deliver affordable products to customers by combining fashion and quality in the best way.

Our company, with a production capacity of 10,000 per month, has made its production activities, has grown regularly over the years since its inception, has continuously expanded its customer portfolio and today's monthly capacity is 75,000 PCs, annual Capacity to 900,000 units. Today, in 2008 to testify that the bags are still being used, the quality of the FB accessory bag, adding pride and happiness to the sensitivity of quality, support the increase of the strength of the day..

To witness the fact that the bags that it produced in 2008 are still being used, adds pride and happiness to company and it gives a power to support the increasing of quality power day by day. FB Accessory Bag has high technology production vehicles, wide machinery and experienced staff who add their love to the bag during production. The company aims to ensure customer satisfaction with its high quality products, seamless production and perfect service understanding. What makes the FB Accessory Bag different is that it is able to present the trendy fashion to customers at the very forefront with the support of high quality fabrics and powerful production tools by following the rapidly changing trend. By richness of FB Accessory Bags product range, it always keeps models updated.

FB Accessories As one of the best manufacturers in the bag industry; It is managed with a management approach that believes that success can only be possible with well-trained, sensible staff, who integrated with the company and permanent.

Lc Waikiki, Koton, Mavi Jeans, JIMMY KEY, Defacto, Flo, Polaris and Mudo in Turkey, which successfully passes social compliance audits by Primark and Zara in Europe, is also frequently regulated by F.B. accessory bags, occupational health and safety firms with production approval certificates from Disney, Sedex and Primark Fama And pass these checks successfully.

In addition, the fire exits, Doctor's room, internal environment measurements, health, hygiene, occupational safety trainings, a single payroll salary system and the use of chemicals in the production of many subjects, such as the sensitivity to the natural environment, as well as respect for workers ' rights , it aims at the continuity of a secure business environment that has been firmly established for 10 years.

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Nesibe Başol

Nesibe Başol

Project Manager

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