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Foundation Year : 2011
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60 - 100 €

8000 Sheepskin Coat

100 - 200 €


100 - 200 €


100 - 200 €

Stripe Perfecto

60 - 100 €
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     DGC Leather & Fur is a manufacturer of hand-crafted leather outerwear with decades of tailoring experience. Our company is established in İzmir/Turkey in 2011. Our company’s creations are not only stylish but has a quality rarely seen in this age of factory-made mass-marketing. We pay crucial attention to detail. Stitching is done with extreme care.Materials used on garments are substantial and durable. We also produce high end garments for well-known fashion brands.

     Our production is based on leather garments and our professional team is organizing the production, from the tanning of the skins to the shipping process of the garments.  Our company is paying attention to environmental and social responsibilities, that’s why we control every step of the production. The chemical products, which are used in the tanning process of the skins, do not include any harmful chemicals. We also work with eco-friendly, chrome-free leathers from the tanneries that recycle and purify the wastewater. 

     DGC Leather holds Industrial Registry Certificate which is certified by Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology. DGC Leather is a member of İzmir Chamber of Commerce and Aegean Exporter’s Association. 

The capacity of production per year is 20.000 pcs and most of our production is being exported. 

      Other than leather garments, we also supply leather to our customers, such as shearling lining, doubleface lambskin, sustainable biodegradable leather (cowhide/lambskin) etc.

      Our powerful, professional teams have the capacity to answer all the demands rapidly with the most modern designs in accordance with our service policy which is primarily focused on customers.

       We have established a reliable and dependable business network and have won a good prestige from our customers all over the world. Our company has been stuck to the business philosophy of guarantee quality, mutual benefits, insisting on good quality products with competitive prices and strives to keep our customers satisfactory.


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