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Innovation Week Turkey Adana Meeting On October 27-28
21.10.2016 14:11:06


Organized by Turkish Exporters’ Assembly (TIM) and Mediterranean Exporters’ Assemblies (AKIB) under the coordination of Ministry of Economy, Innovation Week Turkey will hold a meeting in Adana on October 27-28. The second edition of Innovation Week Turkey aims to increase value-added exports of the Çukurova region with the Adana meeting.

With the strategic partnership of Arçelik, Türk Ekonomi Bank (TEB), and Turkish Airlines, and with the contributions of the Adana Chamber of Industry, Çukurova Development Agency, Adana Chamber of Commerce, TEMSA, Çukurova Fuarcılık, Adana Hacı Sabancı Organized Industrial Zone, and Adana Municipality, Innovation Week Turkey’s Adana meeting will welcome Adana Governor Hüseyin Özlü, TIM Chairman Mehmet Büyükekşi, AKIB Coordinating Chairman Zeki Kıvanç, TIM Adana Innovation Committee Chairman Bülent Aymen, TEB KOBI Banking Senior Vice Managing Director and Deputy General Manager Turgut Boz, and Çukurova industry and business professionals. 

Important Names to Speak at the Meeting

Bringing the leading minds from various universities, research and development centers, and technology-parks together, Innovation Week Turkey’s Adana meeting will include speeches by business-world leaders Nihat Özdemir, Demet Sabancı Çetindoğan, and Sani Şener. The meeting will include panels and seminars on Design and Innovation, Inspiring Entrepreneurs, the Turkish Business World, World-renowned Names, Superstar CEOs of Innovative Companies, Innovation in the Leading Role, Extraordinary Women, Smart Gadgets, Industry 4.0, and Southern Anatolia’s Gift to the World Cuisine. The meeting program will also include workshops and trainings on various subjects, ranging from design to social life, and education to health.

Much Like Van Gogh, We First Visualized our Objective

Commenting on the upcoming meeting, TIM Chairman Mehmet Büyükekşi mentioned Mustafa Kemal Atatürk’s “Success in the way to modernism depends on innovation,” and Van Gogh’s “I dream my painting, then paint my dream” quotes. According to Büyükekşi, “Success can only be achieved through imagination; the most famous innovators have always been imaginative people. As TIM, we are visualizing our 2023 exports objective, and we are now working towards realizing this dream through our projects on research and development, innovation, brand-creation, and design.”

Hi-tech Products Segment’s Share in Exports Should be Ten Percent

The Chairman continued his comments by stating the importance they give to making Turkey one of the ten biggest economies in the world. “This year Turkey ranked 42nd in the Global Innovation Index. Hi-tech products segment’s share in the January-August 2016 exports was 3.4%. We aim to increase this share to 10% by 2023; realizing this objective calls for further developments on innovation, research and development. The way to increase our exports has and will be dependent on innovation, research and development, design, and brand creating.”

Adana Will Hold Fabric Design Competition in Taş Köprü

AKİB Coordinating Chairman Zeki Kıvanç recently announced that the 5th Woven Fabric Design Competition would take place in Adana’s Taş Köprü. “This will be a great opportunity for us to showcase not only the designs of our students, but also the traditional fabric weaving techniques of the region. We will blend our traditional know-how with innovation and design.” TIM Innovation Committee Chairman Bülent Aymen also commented on the success of the event. “Last year we welcomed about ten thousand participants. This year we will take this participation further and welcomed professionals from all across Turkey.”

Anatolia will make its Name Heard

TEB KOBI Banking Senior Vice Managing Director and Deputy General Manager Turgut Boz also shared his views on the importance of the event. “In our contemporary business world, where technological advancements and digitalization have taken economies on a real-time platform, companies who follow global trends, keep up with the digital transformation, understand the signals of change, who are reactive, innovative, and sustainable, will succeed. As TEB, we believe keeping pace with the contemporary fast-paced business world is key, and an innovative outlook is a must. Anatolian companies will make their name heard if they stay loyal to this innovative mindset.”