Gründungsjahr : 2003
  • Gesehen - 589


SANEL AYAKKABI, which was established in 1970 in ikicesmelik, Izmir and currently serving in a closed area of ​​5000 m2, we have been taking firm steps in the shoe industry for 50 years.In our factory where we manufacture 100% leather shoes, we work with all our strength to be a pioneer in the shoe industry with our experienced staff and innovative perspective.As Sanel Ayakkabı, we expand our network and always consider customer satisfaction in order to register our success in the leather women's shoes sector both at local and abroad. In order to expand our international network and prove the success of our country in the shoe industry, we attach great importance to our exports. Our foreign companies, with which we have maintained business partnerships for many years, are our greatest reference ...   

SANEL AYAKKABI, which is on the way to become a brand in the sector, continues to work for its potential customers with the DUELULE brand, which set out with an environmentally friendly, innovative mission and vision.

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